3 Common Diseases That Could Be Plaguing Your Trees

Trees are a great way to dress up your property. They add color, increase curb appeal, provide homes for animals, and even add shade when you need it. Your trees are a useful part of your property, but they can often become dangerous if plagued with diseases. When a tree gets hit with a disease, it can become unstable. If the tree is close to your home, you may end up dealing with falling branches on your house. When the tree does die, you have to remove it and are often left with an ugly stump in the yard. All trees are susceptible to coming down with a disease. Being able to identify and treat the disease is important in order to maintain your property. 

Root Rot

Root rot is one of the most common diseases that affects trees. This type of disease usually affects hardwoods. Signs that can signify your tree has this disease is the presence of a black fungus going up the tree, mushrooms around the base of the tree, or broken roots. The diseases usually affects the root of the tree, which can make it very unstable. As the tree gets sicker, it can quickly topple over without warning. This can be dangerous for anything that is located around the tree. 

Canker Disease

The canker disease is another common tree disease that can be found on spruce, pines, willows, and poplars. Your tree should be able to fight off the disease as long as it is healthy. When the tree gets sick or has an open wound, bacteria can get in it and cause an infection, the same way canker sores are caused in humans. The best way to control it is by removing the infected area. This prohibits it from being able to spread to other parts of the tree. You also want to keep it fertilized and watered to promote health. 


This type of disease can be found on a number of tree species but particularly dogwoods and sycamores. If not caught early, the tree could potentially die. Every part of tree above ground can be infected with the disease, causing defoliation, twig breakage, and more. The best way to treat a tree that has this disease is with a fungicide. It can be injected right into the tree to bring it back to health and fight off the fungus. 

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