Slave No More: The Freedom Afforded By Turf Replacement

Caring for a lawn is a constant struggle. Mowing is at least a weekly need, and if being chained to the need to mow your lawn isn't bad enough, you also have to treat for weeds, fungus, slugs and other pests—the list keeps going. And for everything you do to keep parasites away from your lawn, you still have to fertilize your lawn, water it, thatch it, and rake leaves off of it. The point is that caring for a lawn is time-consuming. If you want to spend more time enjoying your lawn and more money paying for barbecues, you really need to consider replacing your labor-intensive lawn with an artificial turf lawn.

Durability: The First Benefit of Turf

When you grow a natural lawn, you have to be careful about how much traffic your lawn gets. if you walk the same path to your garden everyday, you have pets, and/or you have active children, then your lawn will take a beating. If people or pets walk the same paths too often, they can even kill patches of your grass. A turf lawn will take abuse for a couple of decades before you have to worry about signs of wear.

What Maintenance Budget?

Think about all the gas, fertilizer, water bills, pest treatments, and other costs associated with caring for a lawn. You can easily pay out thousands of dollars on your lawn as you try to keep it looking nice. A turf lawn will cost more to install than you would pay to plant a lawn, but with a turf lawn, you really only have a one-time cost. Thus, those who are willing and able to pay a little more money initially, stand to save a ton of money over the life of their turf lawn. 

A lawn is a beautiful thing. A house just looks so much better lounging in the middle of a sea of green grass than it would crouching in a dirt lot. If you want the look of a lawn without all the work, you should consider an artificial lawn. You can play all the backyard kickball or football you want without worrying that you are going to kill your grass. You can have pets without worrying that they are going to dig up your yard, and you don't have to worry about your dogs attacking and ruining your sprinklers. For a homeowner who really isn't into developing a green thumb, a turf lawn is the way to go. Contact professional landscapers, such as Turf Pro Synthetics, LLC, to further discuss your options.