Lining Your Driveway With Lighted Decorative Vases

If you're considering lining your driveway to add a little flair, you'll have many choices. You can choose anything from solar lights to flowers. However, if you want something different, you can add plastic decorated vases along the drive to provide a unique look. In fact, if you add lights behind them, the set up provides a nighttime ambiance that's truly different. To create the look, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Choose your choice of plastic vases to line the drive with, but keep in mind that clear works best so the light can shine through easier. Once you've made your choice, pick up these additional materials:

  • pebbles
  • dried flower petals
  • colored sand
  • small solar-powered lights (on stakes that go in the ground)
  • measuring tape
  • small boulders (about an inch tall)

Step 2: Layer the Materials

Use your own imagination and design style to layer the various materials in the vase. However, the sand works best as the bottom layer. Pack it in tight so there is a solid surface for the other materials to rest on. If you layer the sand in a different spot than the bottom, it's likely that the sand will just fall toward the bottom anyway.

Place a thin layer of pebbles on top of the colored sand, then add a layer of dried flower petals.

Step 3: Place the Vases in Their Spots

Determine how far apart you want the vases. Place one vase at the end of the driveway. Measure out the desired distance with the measuring tape and place the next vase in that spot. Continue this down the length of the driveway. Repeat this step for the other side of the drive.

Step 4: Add The Lights

Insert the solar lights into the ground behind the vases. The goal is for people to see the lit vases without seeing the lights themselves, so choose the ground spots carefully.

Step 5: Place the Boulders Around the Vases

Set the boulders around the bottom of the vase, resting a couple against the light. Not only do the small boulders add to the design of your drive, but they also help hold the vases in place because they act as a barrier against falls. Just make sure that the boulders used are semi-flat so they don't cover up the sand.

Choose a different type of filler for the vases if you don't wish to use those listed here. Ask your landscaper for ideas on other materials to use, if you're unsure. Layer the materials all the way to the top of the vase or only halfway, depending on your preferences. Give the lights a day or so to soak up the energy from the sun if they don't work right away. If they don't work after a couple days, return them for new ones.

For more information, contact All Season Landscaping or a similar company.