Plant A Spring Blooming Garden

Come spring, you're ready for some blossoming plant life. Winter is usually cold and gray, and everyone's ready for some color after a long winter. However, not all plants show their best light in spring. Have a landscaping service spruce up your yard with flowers, shrubs and trees that show blossom in springtime.

Spring Mini-Garden

A mini-garden is a good way to create a focal point in your backyard without having to groom the whole area. For a pretty spring mini-garden, start with a decorative tree such as a Japanese maple or a cherry tree. Near the trunk, place some taller plants such as azaleas and rhododendron. Place the tall plants in the center if the mini-garden will be viewed all around or in the back if the view is from the front.

Next, cluster mid-sized flowers around the taller ones. Select blooms such a penstemon, balloon flowers and bluebells. Finally, fill in the gaps with groundcover such as forget-me-nots, hosta and primrose. Such a garden shows a variety of vibrant colors in springtime.

Spring Containers

Perhaps you have a deck or patio that you'd like to spruce up for spring. In that case, create blooming containers for strategic placement. Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with a white pail and filling it with the "bellwethers of spring" – tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Include diascia to fill in the gaps.

If you'd like your spring container to last more than a couple weeks, start with a more standard planter. Keep the diascia, but include hardier plants such as English ivy, snapdragons and geraniums

Spring Birdbath

The birds of spring are a welcome addition to your backyard, along with blossoming flowers. Create a garden around a birdbath to attract the little visitors.

Use a flowering shrub as the backdrop. Viburnum is hardy in most zones and blooms with vibrant pink and white blossoms. Dwarf crape myrtle is better for warmer locales, but the shrub shows off with gorgeous pink blossoms.

Next, plant bird-attracting plants. Polka dot plants feature tiny blooms and colorful leaves that keep their color all year long. Plant six to eight of these so that they cradle the birdbath.  Impatiens walleriana, or busy lilies, flowers come in a variety of colors. Select two or three colors, and use them to fill in the space around the bird bath. Finish with groundcover plants such as creeping thyme, Irish moss or sweet woodruff.

Whether you choose a mini-garden, series of containers or birdbath garden, your backyard will become a focal point of spring.