Putting Destroyed Trees To Better Use

When storm winds bellow and heavy rains pound the trees in your yard, catastrophe can strike in the form of falling trees and cracking limbs. You need to get rid of the damaged limbs and falling trees, but it often seems like a waste to let newly-felled lumber go to a pile to rot away or be shoved off to the next second-hand buyer.

Instead of just hauling off old wood, consider a few ways to put the timber to personal use.

Mulch Creation And Design

A fallen tree can give benefits to the yard in which it once stood. Instead of getting rid of the tree completely, consider reducing it to wood chip and mulch form.

The pulp and even some of the bark from trees contains nutrients that can be used to feed other plants. Wood pulp is also great for storing water and may take awhile to decompose, making it a long-term bedding or compost for many plants.

Strawberries, for example, often thrive in covered planting beds as they go through the winter growing season. To avoid damage from frost, many gardeners and farmers use mulch or browned pine stray in order to protect the strawberries and give a bit of insulation. Pulverized tree debris can give the same effect if pine isn't around. 

For compost, wood chips can give more substance due to the slower composition and can make your compost spread better. Compost with wood chips is often thicker and easier to distribute due to the size of the wood chips and their durability.

Hobby Wood Reserves

If you're a woodworker or if you plan on making any projects out of wood, don't let the tree escape. Storage space may be an issue, but there are ways to get around it.

By calling a tree removal expert, you can have the tree removed safely by professionals. This is often a necessary service, as amateur removal may result in trees falling against houses, into windows, onto cars or on other people.

Once the initial cutting is complete, why not ask for a bit more cutting while they're there? Simple ask the removal professionals to cut the wood into smaller pieces that you can use for your hobby. If there's too much wood, just keep what you need and let the professionals take the rest.

Many tree removal professionals have their own uses for wood, but with a steady supply they likely don't need your fallen trees. Sharing is fair game.

Contact a tree removal specialist such as Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC to plan a safe and beneficial tree removal plan or help with other questions you might have.