Getting Your Kids Involved in Landscaping

If you have a great yard, it can be frustrating if your family doesn't seem care about what it takes to maintain it. If you can get your kids involved with landscaping, they can take pride in their yard and help with upkeep. Here are four tips to get your kids involved with keeping the yard looking great and have fun while they're at it.

1. Keep It in the Family

Weekend yard work might not seem like the most fun activity, but if your whole family gets involved the yard work can be a fun, healthy, family-friendly activity. Rather than just relegating chores and forcing kids to rake leaves or pull weeds, get everyone out in the yard together, working together. This way parents can help younger kids with careful tasks such as weeding and planting, while teaching kids new skills.

2. Incorporate Longer Projects

If you have a child that is interested in a specific part of the outdoors, whether animals, construction, or gardening, you can hone that interest. If you have a child that loves fish, spend a summer putting in a koi pond together. If your child likes to build things, projects such as working on wooden flower beds or installing an outdoor shower can be a good project that they can work on with your supervision. Kids can learn how to build things while at the same time bettering the yard.

3. From Farm to Table

Having a garden in your yard will ensure that your family can benefit from fruits and veggies fresh from your own backyard. Understanding where food comes from is an important lesson for young children. Seeing the cycle of planting edible plants, growing these, and then having their own veggies as a part of family meals can be a great lesson for your children.

4. Plan Your Yard Together

If you are leaning towards professional landscaping, make sure that your kids are part of the planning process. When mapping out sections of the yard, incorporate things your kids might like such as a play area or more patio space. If your kids are involved they will be more inclined to help out and take pride in the family yard.  

Get your whole family involved in your next landscaping project. Having your kids take part in maintaining the family yard will give them respect for the outdoors, and pride in your home. Make sure that everybody takes part in upkeep and make it fun for your kids. This can bring your family together in positive way by getting everyone outside and away from the TV. For assistance, talk to a professional like Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.