3 Unconventional Water Resources With Greywater And Rainwater Collection Systems

If you live in an area where water is a precious resource, you may want to have more ways to get the water. You may have a well or water service, but this may not provide you with all the water you need. To improve your water resources, you may want to consider things like greywater irrigation, rain collection and filtration systems. Here are some unconventional solutions to your water woes:

1. Using Greywater For Irrigation And Outdoor Use

One great water resource is greywater, which is clean water that can be used for watering the garden or your lawn. There are two types of systems: direct irrigation systems, which take water directly from the outlets of appliances; and greywater plumbing, or collection systems that collect greywater in a tank. If you are going to store greywater in a tank, you may want to have a filtration system installed and treat the water regularly with chlorine. This will help to keep the bacteria levels down in the water, but you will not want to use too much, because this can be harmful to plants and the environment.

2. Clean Water With Rainwater Collection Systems

Clean water can come from rainwater collection systems. This can be a system that collects water from your roof and landscaping to store in tanks.  If you are going to use it for potable water, you will want to have diverters and filters before the water enters the tank to keep it clean. You may also want to install a filtration system for when the water leaves the tanks. It can also be treated with chlorine to help keep bacteria levels down and make the water safe to use.

3. Filtration Systems For Water Collection

The water filtration systems you use are also important. Water filtration systems can be something as simple as sand and gravel filters to remove debris from water used for irrigation. If you want to use rainwater for your home, you may want to have more extensive filtration systems that purify the water. These systems can remove all the contaminants of water to provide your home with pure clean water for all your domestic needs.

These are some unconventional solutions to get the water you need for your home. If you need help with the installation of some of these systems, contact an irrigation contractor like T & J Landscape Services to get the help you need with getting the right systems.