Turn Your Yard’s Ugly Tree Stump Into A Decorative Gnome Home

If your home's yard has an old tree stump that you haven't gotten around to removing, then you should turn it into a decorative gnome home. Make a door and window for the bottom of the stump, and turn the top of the stump into its roof. Set a gnome next to the stump, and you have a new decorative item in your yard instead of an old stump.

Gnome homes are made using inexpensive craft sticks, epoxy adhesive, and a wide variety of other items that you already have laying around in your home and garage.

Here is how to transform your yard's tree stump into a happy place for any gnome to call home:

Step 1: Prepare the Tree Stump

Before you start creating your gnome home, pull off any loose bark and dead branches from the stump. The loose bark can cause your decorative items to become dislodged in winds and rain.

You must also remove surface dirt on the stump. The fastest and most effective way to do this is to blow off the tree stump with an air compressor. If you do not own an air compressor, then you can wash the stump. Wash it from top to bottom with your garden hose. Allow at least two days for your stump to dry before gluing on any decorative items.

Step 2: Make Your Gnome Home's Doors and Windows

Every gnome's home needs at least one window and door. To easily make square windows and doors, glue craft sticks together with epoxy glue. If you want a more rounded look, then cut the craft sticks with a sharp pair of crafting scissors. 

For hardware such as doorknobs and hinges, you can use old keys or other simple metal objects found in your junk drawer or garage. Simply glue them onto the windows and doors. Use your imagination and create something using the items you find laying around your home.

If you want to apply a layer of paint to your decorations, you need to use an exterior-grade paint.

Step 3: Make Your Gnome Home's Roof

Your gnomes need protection against the elements in their new house, so you should make them a roof. For taller tree stumps, you can skip this step, but for shorter stumps a roof will make the project look more complete. Make a roof by gluing scrap lumber, large twigs, or wood shake shingles on top of the stump. 

Step 4: Landscaping Your Gnome Home

Finally, apply a variety of different materials around your gnome home to create its own garden. The key is to use small sized objects that keep with the scale of the door and windows. For example, rather than using large landscaping rock to make pathways, instead use a small pea gravel. Rather than using full sized flowering plants, purchase some artificial flowers that are smaller and better fit with the scale.

Step 5: Move in Your Resident Gnome

No gnome home is complete without at least one gnome resident. Once their home is finished, it is time to move them in by placing them around the stump. For information about tree stump removal, however, click here.