Landscaping Tips For Large Spaces

If you have just moved into your dream home, you might be excited about a large backyard to entertain and enjoy. This can quickly turn into a stressful situation when you realize how much work it can take to keep such a large space well landscaped. Large yards don't need to be a hassle if you are smart with your landscaping from the beginning. Here are four tips when it comes to landscaping a large space efficiently.

1. Organize Your Yard Space

The first step to tackling a large yard is to do some landscaping pre-planning. Don't go into your landscaping efforts by putting in plants in and lawn down haphazardly. Work this out on paper first and think about zoning off different areas for different uses. If you would like to have lawn, a garden, and a flower bed, these spaces can be mapped out and designated ahead of time.

2. Patios and Decks

Another great way to break up space is to add a raised deck or patio off of your home. This can be a great way to extend the functionality of your home for outdoor entertaining, but can also make use of large spaces in your yard. Either a deck that extends out from your home's back door, or even a wraparound porch can help with accenting your yard and filling in some space.

3. Large Shrubs and Trees

If you have a lot of space in your yard to incorporate greenery, it is time to think big. Planting larger shrubs and baby trees that can grow into your yard will keep your space looking green. These won't take as much maintenance as smaller plants and flower boxes or lining your yard. These types of greenery can be a long range plan, with shrubs and trees starting small with the intention of growing into their space over time.

4. Mulch or Sandy Walkways

If you are looking for a low-maintenance space filler, consider pathways through your yard. With well-placed lawns, planter boxes, and shrubbery, you can fill in the gaps with a pathway that can follow along with your landscaping features. Mulch or sand-like pebbles look great and won't require as much upkeep.

Having a large backyard should be looked at as a bonus and not a chore. If you can get your yard set up well from the beginning, your space will be used efficiently and will be easier to maintain. Consult with a professional landscaper if you are stumped on types of plants or initial planning to get started.