Recommendations For Yard And Tree Care For Healthy And Safe Landscaping

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your yard's landscaping and to care for the trees on your land, which includes any trees that may be dead and dying. A tree that has become diseased or is dead can be at risk of falling over during a wind storm and damaging property or injuring someone. For this reason, it is essential that you manage your trees and their health and structure. Here are some recommendations to keep your trees healthy and your yard and home protected from their damage.

Inspect For Dead Areas

One of the first reasons you should remove a tree in your yard is because the tree is dead or dying or has a number of dead branches to its structure. Talk to a tree professional to find out if the dead spots on a tree can be safely cut out and removed to save the tree or if the tree is dying and needs to be removed to prevent it from falling down. 

Other signs your tree is dying can come from the appearance of its trunk and base. For example, if there are mushrooms growing around the base of the tree trunk or the bark is falling from the tree, this can be an indication of a health problem. Look below the flaking bark to see if the wood below is brown or green. If it is brown the tree is dying or dead and needs to be removed. Most trees will regrow any bark that falls off, so areas of the tree without bark are a big sign of poor health.

Watch For Tree Problems

Another reason you may want to remove a tree from your yard is that it is attracting insect infestations and other harmful pests. For example, some trees may be infested with a damaging beetle, which will cause the tree to eventually die. It is best to spray the tree with pesticides and remove it to prevent further damage to your landscaping and other trees nearby.

You will also want to remove a tree that has become a problem to your home's structure with the roots growing into the foundation. Your tree may also litter your property with excessive debris, such as seed pods, weak fallen branches, or sticky sap onto your vehicles below. Consider if it is best if you remove the tree for these reasons, but always replace it with a tree that does not cause the same problems.

And always make sure you hire a tree specialist to remove a tree from your yard. Tree branches are heavy and can fall upon you if you try to cut them down on your own, and you are at risk of falling from the tree. Contact someone near you for professional tree services.