Hydroseeding — Get A Beautiful Lawn In No Time!

Hydroseeding is not a completely new concept. It was developed in the 1940s in Connecticut during a highway project by Maurice Mandell. The area where grass needed to grow had slopes, hills, and was hard to reach with regular dry grass seed. 

By creating a slurry, or water mixture, and spraying it over the area, it was thought that grass seed could be broadcasted more efficiently and effectively to these hard to sow areas.

Since the 1940s, the concept has been refined and grown in popularity to include residential lawns. Below you will find information on the hydroseeding process, and what to look for in a hydroseeding company or contractor.

What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the process of mixing seeds with water, fertilizer, various types of mulch, and tackifier. The tackifier is an agent that helps the mixture stick to the area where it is applied. The product is sprayed on the ground where grass is desired by the customer.

What Are the Advantages of Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is one of the quicker ways to get grass coverage for your lawn or in areas where traditional grass seed would be hard to apply. A hydroseed application is generally less expensive than sod and less time-intensive than traditional seed applications. Hydroseed has a high germination rate due to the fertilizer and mulch that is mixed in the slurry. The mulch helps the seed stay protected and retain moisture so it will germinate more quickly. The fertilizer gives it the needed nutrients to grow quickly. Grass can begin to grow in as little as a week, and regular lawn maintenance can begin in as little as a month. The newly sown lawn can be walked on as soon as a month and a half after application. Applying hydroseed to a hill or area where there are erosion concerns will prevent further erosion problems.

Hydroseeding Companies and Contractors

The hydroseeding process should be completed by a contractor who has experience with the process and has certification to show that they have the knowledge to complete the job in a satisfactory manner. If the slurry is not the right combination of ingredients there will be issues with the application process, and how well the product takes to the area it is applied. There are several ways to apply hydroseed. For residential applications, a tank is mounted on a truck and the product is simply sprayed over the desired area. The contractor may request that the customer prepare the area ahead of time or include the preparation of the area with the hydroseeding service. The area should be raked as even as possible, and for proper growth, have lime put down as needed. The contractor will be able to provide the necessary information for this process.

The advantages of hydroseeding outweigh the disadvantages by far. By hiring a hydroseeding company you will have a beautiful lawn for a fraction of the cost of sod and in almost no time at all.

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