Tips to Help Your HOA Hire a Snow Removal Service

If you own a management company that helps manage communities or you're on the board of your neighborhood's HOA, you're sure to know that keeping that providing upkeep and services is important for all residents who pay HOA fees. One thing that every HOA should have a plan for is snow removal. In most cases, communities who have HOAs also have private streets, so you can't count on the city or municipality to make arrangements to have the streets plowed after a snowfall. Thus, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that snow will be removed in a timely manner.

Use the following tips to help hire HOA snow removal service for the winter months:

1. Review Your Budget

When someone moves into a neighborhood that has an HOA, they are required to pay dues on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to help upkeep and maintain common areas in the community. However, it is up to the directors of the HOA and the management company that they use to properly allocate the funds paid by the residents. Before your HOA begins looking for snow removal services to hire for the winter months, it is essential to review your finances. Make sure that you understand how much you can afford to pay without sacrificing in other areas. Ideally, you should try to budget for snow removal services without having to increase dues for the homeowners.

2. Begin Your Search Early

When it comes to hiring a snow removal service, you should start looking for a company to hire in the late summer or early fall. It doesn't make sense to wait until winter is approaching to hire a snow removal service. Reputable snow removal services who do a great job typically become fully booked well before winter. If you wait too long, you either will end up paying more or won't find anyone who is available.

3. Carefully Review the Contract

A snow removal service who is going to plow your whole community will typically require that your HOA signs a contract. Before anyone signs a contract, it is important to review it carefully. Make sure that the contract includes the exact amount that your HOA will be charged for services, as well as information about how soon the roads in your community will be plowed following a snowstorm. Having a clear understanding of the terms of the contract will help ensure that your HOA doesn't encounter problems in the future.