Tips to Help You Design a Better Landscaped Space

Keeping your yard maintained with healthy vegetation that looks great all year long is the goal of many homeowners. However, if your landscaping is too intricate it will require too much time for maintenance, and if it is too basic, its appearance will be boring. To get a great-looking yard, you will need to have the right balance and add in some appropriate features in both landscaping and hardscaping. The following information outlines some landscape design ideas you can consider. 

Add a Variety of Vegetation

The vegetation in your yard provides color and growth that will change through the seasons, so plan out your vegetation so it grows and changes for a good motif. Look at the colors of the vegetation leaves to plant a variety of green from light to dark, and also add in dark purple leaves as well. Then, consider if the plants provide blooms and what time of the year they bloom. Some plants flower from summer through the fall, and others only in the spring. Look at this element and balance out the blooms to be varied so you get good color from spring to late fall.

Choose vegetation that grows tall, such as shrubbery, roses, grasses, or climbing vine plants to add height to your landscaping areas. You can also plant vegetation that grows across the ground and lays low to mix in with some medium-sized plants. 

Install Ground Covering

A good ground covering to go around your bedding plants will give you an attractive base around your plants but also contribute to the health of your vegetation. A mulch made of wood chips, bark, pine straw, or recycled rubber chips can help protect the soil against drying out in the heat of summer. Mulch covering protects moisture in your soil from evaporation and organic mulch decomposes over time to put nutrients back into the soil for your plants to benefit from.

Look for a local landscape supply company for good mulch or other ground covering. They can usually deliver it for you to your property, or you can buy mulch by the bag from a local home and garden shop which you can install within smaller updating projects.

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting is another good way to improve your outdoor space with illumination of features, walkways, or vegetation. There are several lighting styles and kits to install, from in-ground wiring to solar-powered lighting you install with stakes in the ground. Lighting will make your yard look great while adding security and safety features for when it's dark.