Hire Professionals To Add Color Throughout Your Landscape

Creating and maintaining a beautiful landscape is a challenging task and ongoing responsibility. Even with an irrigation system and native plants, you will still need to set aside time for upkeep. However, you may want to add color to your landscape to increase its beauty for your family to enjoy. Hire landscape professionals to incorporate color in a few strategic ways.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is an excellent feature to add to your backyard because it can provide color and functionality. All you need to do is prioritize colorful materials for the installation. Consider using bricks because you can pick from red, pink, yellow, and beige colors. You can get landscaping professionals to use multiple brick colors to create a colorful retaining wall.


Flowers are some of the best plants that you can grow on your landscape for color reasons. Since flowers bloom for a limited time, you should plant multiple types that will bloom at different parts of each season. Choose flowers that bloom at the beginning of a season, in the middle, and towards the end so that you can enjoy a colorful landscape all season long.

Another tip is to prioritize flowers with lengthy flowering periods. Instead of getting a flower that only blooms for a week or two, you can get ones that bloom for months. You should also prioritize perennials because you will not have to regrow flowers every year to bring in color.


While flowers can provide ground-level color, you may want to create a landscape with multiple color layers. Fortunately, you can get color from trees with vibrant leaves and beautiful flowers. Some trees even produce berries that provide color in different shapes and forms.

Berries, flowers, and leaves are reliable ways to bring color into your backyard, but you can also do it with bark. Birch and maple trees often have colorful bark that adds visual appeal.


Cover part of your landscape in mulch to add color to large sections. Wood chips are an excellent option because they look beautiful, and you can find them in many colors. The main thing to consider with wood chips is that they will need to be replaced due to decomposition.

A great synthetic choice is rubber pellets because you can leave them on your landscape for many years without much upkeep. You can also get wild and vibrant colors such as blue, purple, orange, yellow, and many others when choosing rubber pellets for mulch.

Adding color to your landscape is easy to do when you utilize these options. Contact a custom landscaping service to learn more.