Common Lawn Care Mistakes People Often Make

Poor lawn maintenance practices can lead to significant landscaping problems for your property. Considering that the lawn is one of the most noticeable parts of your property, it is important to make sure that you are avoiding the types of mistakes that people often make that can significantly compromise their lawns.

Cutting The Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too short is a mistake that many people will make. Often, this may be done in an attempt to reduce the frequency that the homeowner will need to cut the lawn. However, if the grass is cut too short, it is possible for it to fail to generate as much energy as it needs from sunlight. This could slow its rate of growth and potentially lead to significant health issues for the grass. Setting your lawnmower to the recommended height for your type of grass can be a simple adjustment that will prevent the grass from being cut too short.

Failing To Manage Weeds

Managing the growth of weeds is an important step for keeping the landscaping looking good. When weeds are able to grow, they can compete with your grass and other plants, and they can be very disruptive to the overall appearance of the lawn. Herbicides are one option for neutralizing weeds, but it is necessary to be careful when buying and using these substances. Otherwise, you may damage the grass. If there are bare spots on the soil, such as along the perimeter of the property, near driveways, or other areas can be especially vulnerable to the development of weeds. Using gravel or other ground covering in these areas can prevent weeds from taking root and spreading to the lawn.

Poor Runoff Management

Runoff can be another issue that may create problems for your lawn. When the runoff that storms generate is not effectively managed, it can be possible for the nutrient-rich layer of soil to wash away. If your property has steep hills, this could be particularly common as the runoff may go fairly fast through these areas of the property. Depending on the amount of runoff that your property can expect, this may require the installation of an active drainage system that will provide a path for the runoff to take so that it will not erode the topsoil or create standing puddles. The use of bushes, flowers, and even rocks can also be a way of slowing the speed of the runoff so that it will be less likely to wash away large amounts of soil.

For more information, contact a lawn maintenance service in your area.