Starting A New Landscape? Use Landscape Rock To Make It Look Even Better

If you are starting new landscaping for your home, this can be a big job as there are many choices to make. One thing you should consider using is landscape rocks. There are many ways you can add these to your landscaping, three of which are listed below. 

Use Rocks for A Patio

If you are planning to install a new patio for your home, you have many flooring options. One thing you can do is use landscape rocks. Landscape rocks come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can make the flooring look unique. 

One thing to consider if using landscape rocks for the patio floor is you need to use mortar to bind them together when you lay them down. This may take a lot of time, especially if your patio is large. Ask a friend to help you or hire a professional to install the patio for you. This will ensure it looks perfect when it is completed.  

Make a Path

A path in your yard can be beneficial as you could lay a path that leads to your front door. This way you or any guests will not have to walk on grass to get to your door. This is especially useful if it has rained, and the grass is wet. 

As with the patio, you can choose landscape rocks in different colors and sizes. To do this, dig a trench and fill it with landscaping fabric and then a layer of gravel. Lay another piece of landscaping fabric over the gravel and the landscape rocks on top of the landscaping fabric. Landscaping fabric prevents grass and weeds from growing between the landscape rocks. When you are finished, install an edging along the path to hold the landscape rocks in place. 

Use for Mulch

If you have a flower garden or plan to put one in, mulch will make it look better. Mulch also helps prevents weeds and grass from growing in the flower garden. This is beneficial for your plants because weeds and grass compete with moisture and nutrients. This means your flowers will not get enough water or nutrients to grow healthy. 

Put about three or so inches of landscape rocks on the flower garden. Push them a few inches away from the base of each plant so they are not smothered. One big benefit of using landscape rocks as mulch is they last much longer when compared to other types, such as wood, pine, straw, and leaves. 

Hire a landscape contractor to help you with these things. The contractor can also tell you of other ways you can use your rocks.