The Three Phases In A Tree Removal Process

Having a tree removed is a large project for any homeowner. It's also one that should be handled by professionals. If you attempt to remove a tree by yourself, then you risk doing serious damage to your property, home, and potentially causing injury to yourself as well.

All said, it's something that should be left to experts. The tree removal experts will come in and tackle the project with expert skill and you won't have to worry about doing any damage.

The process is completed in three phases, which we will discuss below. 

Step One: Cutting the Tree Down

The first step in removing a tree is to have it cut down. This is done with precision cuts that are strategically placed into the tree to ensure that it falls in a certain direction. This step is the most dangerous one and the one where the amateur homeowners truly benefit from a professional tree removal company.

In addition to making sure the tree is cut so that It falls in a specific direction, the other method that tree removal experts use to ensure that the tree falls in a specific manner is to tie secure ropes that pull the tree in a specific direction. These measures will prevent the tree from falling down and crashing into a house or any other structure.

Step Two: Cutting the Tree into Smaller Sections and Removing Them

The second phase in the tree removal section involves cutting the tree into smaller sections. This is done so that the tree can be safely and easily removed from the property. In some instances, people will want to keep the logs and use them for a fireplace or even for decorative use such as outdoor chairs around a pond or BBQ pit.

The tree removal team will have powerful chainsaws that will easily cut the long tree trunk into small, manageable sections which are easy for an individual to move about.

Step Three: Stump Removal

The final phase of the tree removal process involves removing the stump. This is an integral part of the process of having the entire tree removed from your property. What you don't want is for the stump to remain on the property. This is not just unsightly, but it's also dangerous. It can cause people to trip while walking across your lawn, it can harbor rodents and snakes, and it's can rot and cause the surrounding lawn to discolor.

The solution is to have the stump removed. This is most often done by grinding down the stump using a stump grinder. A tree removal expert will be able to come in and quickly grind away the stump and then you can go about replanting the lawn with fresh grass seed and it will look clean and beautiful.

Reach out to a tree removal company for more information.