Recommendations For Ordering And Arranging A Decorative Landscape Rock Delivery

Rock for your yard's landscaping provides an attractive, natural, and environmentally-friendly option while it helps to prevent erosion to your soil. Ordering and installing the rock can pose some challenges, however, especially if you do not know what type of rocks to get or how many to order and you don't have the equipment to spread them. The following are some recommendations to help you out with ordering a landscape stone delivery to your home.

Order the Rock

The type of rock that you need for your landscaping project is going to depend on how it will be used. Is the rock going to be used as a gravel driveway or as a decorative border? The size and type of rock that you order will affect whether the rock is going to compact onto a surface for your driveway or if it will roll around and only be good for a visually pleasing ground cover.

If you want to select a good rock that will compact into a hard layer over the soil of your driveway or parking spot, for example, look for angular gravel that is smaller in size and comes with fines to help it compact. A clean rock that is smooth and rounded, such as river rock or pea gravel, will slip and roll under the tires of vehicles and will not provide a good material for compaction. 

Arrange For Delivery

Your rock order can be delivered by a local rock supplier or through a third-party delivery service. You just need to make sure to order the right amount of rock based on the size and depth of your project. Use an online calculation to figure out how many cubic yards of rock you will need, and remember it is better to have too much than not enough for your project.

Choose a delivery location for the driver to deposit the rock onto. This may be your driveway or a dirt surface in your yard that is prepared for the rock. Make sure the area has clear access for the truck to pull into, making sure there are no low-hanging tree branches or power lines that may get in the way. If you plan to spread the rock for a driveway or road as pavement, your delivery driver may be able to disperse and spread it as they raise the dump trailer. This service can save you time when it comes to spreading the rock over an area.