Maintaining Your Property’s Lawn

Caring for your lawn can be one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of caring for your landscaping. Unfortunately, mistakes with the basics of lawn maintenance can make it much harder for you to keep this part of your property attractive.

Mowing The Lawn Can Help It To Remain Full

Mowing the grass to keep it no longer than a few inches tall can be an effective way of keeping your lawn looking attractive while also helping the grass to grow as thick as possible. Unfortunately, some individuals may let their lawns grow significantly taller due to assuming this will make them appear more full. However, this can actually lead to the opposite result. Taller grass may result in it being harder for new grass sprouts to thrive. This could lead to a gradual decline in the thickness of the lawn.  

Bare Spots Should Be Filled Immediately

If you notice that there are bare spots forming in your lawn, these areas should be filled with new grass promptly. Allowing these bare spots to remain can actually lead to them growing. This is due to these exposed areas making it easier for extensive erosion to occur. As this erosion occurs, it will contribute to the surrounding grass struggling to get the nutrients that it needs. Sod and grass seed can be the two options for filling these areas. While sod may restore the appearance of the lawn more quickly, grass seed may be a more precise option for filling these areas. Before applying the filler grass, you should consider whether supplemental topsoil should be added to the bare spot as this may replenish some of the nutrients that were washed away.

Monitor The Lawn For Signs Of Pest Problems

There are many pests that will target your lawn, and they can cause widespread damage if they are not addressed. Grubs are one of the leading causes of lawn problems, and they can be somewhat difficult to notice. For example, these grubs will target the root network of the grass. As a result, you may only start to notice this problem when the grass starts to die. Another warning sign of a grub problem could be an increase in the presence of small animals on your lawn. Birds, raccoons, and various other animals will feed on the grubs, and they can cause extensive secondary damage to your lawn as well. Once you notice signs of a grub issue, a professional lawn care service may be needed to fully neutralize this infestation.

Contact a professional to learn more about lawn maintenance