Use Sprinklers For Your Yard? 3 Problems To Watch For

If you use a sprinkler system for your yard, this can save you a lot of time and keep your yard looking lush and green. There are problems you can have with sprinkler systems, however. Keep reading to learn about three of these problems so you can get the sprinkler system repaired much quicker. 

Sprinkler Heads Not Spraying

If you turn on your sprinkler system and no water sprays, this is often caused by a leak in the sprinkler pipes. This can be hard to determine on your own as the pipes are underground, but you can tell by looking around the sprinkler head. You will likely see pools of water in these areas if there is a leak. You need to hire a professional sprinkler repair contractor to determine if there is a leak and repair it for you. If the sprinkler system is older, the pipes may need to be replaced or this may be a good time to replace the entire sprinkler system.  

The Sprinkler Head Is Not Working

If you notice one of the sprinkler heads is not working at all but the rest are working, the sprinkler head may be damaged. This can be caused by hitting the sprinkler heads when mowing your lawn, extreme weather conditions, or stepping on the sprinkler system when walking on your lawn. If the sprinkler head is broken, it may not spray any water, or the water may spray in different directions around your lawn. This is an easy repair as the sprinkler head simply needs to be replaced. If you are experienced, you can do this on your own or hire a professional system repair contractor to do this for you.

Sprinkler Heads Won't Pop Up

When you turn on the sprinkler system, the sprinkler heads should pop up automatically and start spraying water. They should then pop back down when the sprinkler system is turned off. If your sprinkler heads are not popping up, this is often caused by built-up debris in the sprinkler heads. You may have grass built up from mowing your lawn or if you use mulch some of the mulch may have gotten into the sprinkler heads. Remove all debris that you find, and the sprinkler heads should pop up. If they do not, you need to contact a professional. 

A sprinkler repair contractor can tell you of other problems they may find with your sprinkler system.