Wood Fencing Options For Backyard Spaces

It's never too early to start thinking about upcoming projects for your backyard. Planning a space in your backyard specifically for animals or protecting your favorite vegetable garden can put the finishing touch on your yard space. A visit to your local lumber company will allow you to choose the right type of wood and the right kind of fence to build in your backyard space. Here are some projects that could benefit from having a fence installed.

Pet Confinement

If you have pets, specifically dogs, keeping them confined to one specific area in your yard is the best way to keep the safe and unable to run loose throughout the neighborhood. Having a fenced in area in your backyard allows your pets to run freely without having to be on a leash or chain. For a wood fencing option, try a shadow box fence. This type of wood fence, generally made from cedar, is similar to a picket fence with a dog eared or square top edge. It has pickets on both sides that run jagged from the spaces on the opposite side. This allows for the view to be completely blocked. It makes it impossible for any animal to pass through. This will allow your pet to roam freely and provide a good noise barrier as well.    

Privacy Fence

Having a white oak wood privacy fence installed around your backyard, makes its challenging for neighbors with prying eyes to see in. Most privacy fences are at least six feet tall so it makes it hard to catch a glimpse inside. Select from styles such as lattice, regular dog eared or arched to achieve the look you want. Lattice-style privacy fences have a criss-cross lattice shape at the top, offering an attractive view from either side. An arched privacy fence is rounded at the top. This look is great for not only hiding a patio area but also highlighting it as well. The traditional dog eared privacy fence is a basic style fence but you can add decorative posts and end caps to help improve the look.

Pool Safety

Keeping your pool safe from unwanted guests is a priority for most homeowners. Choosing a fence that not only offers privacy but protection is essential. Privacy fences are always a tall favorite, but you can also choose a simple picket fence to keep unwanted guests at bay. Pickets can be traditional styled or scalloped to offer more design elements. A French gothic picket has pointed arrow shaped posts to add decorative flair. This fence can be made from cedar or pressure treated pine and have a hinged gate installed for added protection.

Garden Protection

Keeping critters at bay is one way to have a successful gardening experience. If you simply want to outline your garden, you may benefit from a ranch rail or split rail wood fencing unit. This does not keep small animals out but it may deter larger ones such as deer or dogs. To keep rabbits or other small critters at bay, select a traditional picket fence in the wood of your choice.

Wooden fencing is not only an attractive focal point of your backyard, it's also functional. Choose a style that meets your needs and stain the fence to preserve it for years to come. To learn more about landscaping options, visit Condon Maurice L CO INC Lumber