How Your Home Can Benefit From Sprinkler Installation

Professionally installed sprinklers are a great convenience that can save homeowners the time and trouble of watering their lawn by hand. Professional sprinkler installation is more than a convenience, however. In-ground sprinklers can save water, keep your lawn healthy and even increase your property value. Here's how.

Save Water

In-ground professionally installed sprinklers save water in a variety of ways. 

  • Sprinklers water the lawn evenly and consistently, only distributing as much water as necessary to keep the lawn healthy. Watering the lawn by hand can result in excess water distributed in some areas, with other areas getting less water. Watering by hand may also result in some areas of the lawn being watered twice due to the overlapping of passes with the hose or manually placed sprinkler. This results in wasted water.
  • In-ground sprinklers can be programmed to water when it's dark. Limited visibility and lower temperatures make it inconvenient or difficult to water at night. However, watering in the cool dark of night also ensures that the water soaks into the lawn instead of evaporating to the air. In-ground sprinklers can be programmed to only water at night, which will ensure that the lawn gets as much water as possible each time the sprinklers are activated.
  • Sprinkler timers can be seasonally adjusted. Sprinkler timers can be set to run more in the summer and less in the fall, spring, or winter. This will ensure that more water is distributed when the lawn needs it the most, and less water is distributed when the grass growth slows down. 

Keep Your  Lawn Healthy and Green

Automatic sprinklers water whenever necessary, regardless of your personal schedule. Even when you're too busy to tend to your lawn, your sprinklers will keep your grass healthy and green. This helps to ensure that your lawn will always look its best, even when you have limited time. 

Improve Curb Appeal and Property Value

Green lawns have a special kind of appeal to home buyers. In addition, the convenience of automatic sprinklers represent a perk that can increase the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell. With automatic sprinklers installed on your lawn, your home will have more curb appeal and may be more likely to sell quickly. 

Spring is quickly approaching, and you will soon be landscaping your yard again. For more information about how your home can benefit from automatic sprinkler installation, speak with a professional gardener or certified irrigation technician like Steeplechase