How To Kill Weeds Without Hurting The Environment

If you deal with unsightly weeds, you know they can be really difficult to eradicate. The traditional way of removing weeds involves spraying or sprinkling harmful chemicals into the ground, on your lawn, and into your garden or flower beds. There are some all natural ways to create your own herbicides that are not only just as effective, but are also less harsh on the water supply, soil, and surrounding animals.

Salt Can Kill

It might be surprising that salt can actually kill weeds. Simply mix either table or rock salt with white vinegar. The mixture should be one cup of salt to one gallon of vinegar. Shake the mixture vigorously, and spray it onto the leaves of weeds. Try to avoid getting it onto plants or grass you'd like to keep. The salt and vinegar mixture will eventually wither and dissolve the weeds. It is very important that you do not get any salt into the soil, as it can be very harmful to the plants you want to live.

Boil them to Death

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest method of killing unwanted weeds is to douse them with boiling water. This is an easy way to kill off those pesky weeds that grow out of the cracks in your sidewalks or driveway. Simply pour the boiling water directly onto the weeds and they should die within minutes. Since you're only using water, there are no residual chemicals or irritants that you'd find with store bought herbicides.

A Little Borax Will Do

Borax, also known as sodium borate, is an inexpensive option to kill weeds. Often used as a household cleaner or laundry detergent, this substance can also be mixed with water to kill off unwanted weeds. Be sure to dissolve the Borax in water first before mixing it up with more water. The ratio should be about 10 ounces of Borax dissolved in 4 ounces of water, then the dissolved mixture can be added to about two and a half gallons of water. Spray or pour the mixture directly onto weeds, and be aware that it will kill any plant in its path.

Non-Homemade Options

If you do not have time or would prefer to use a store bought, organic solution, plenty of options are available. Many organic gardening stores as well as home improvement stores now sell all-natural herbicides for lawn and garden. These products should be clearly labeled as organic and not harmful to the environment. You can also choose to go with a landscaping service like C S Flournoy Inc that offers organic options. Do your homework to decide which products available are the safest yet most effective.