Transform Your Front Yard With Landscaping

The front yard provides your home's first impression. How you landscape your front yard also adds to the house's curb appeal. Create a front yard that invites visitors and provides an oasis in your neighborhood.

Picket Fence

A white picket fence is a classic because it's both attractive and functional. A picket fence defines your space without seeming like a barrier. If white picket seems too traditional, paint the wood or leave it natural. Better Homes and Gardens suggests keeping the pickets low to prevent obstructing views.

Gate Arbor

If you're going to have a fence, you need a gate, right? No matter the style of fence you choose, make your gate welcoming by adding an arched arbor. Train plants such as ivy, wisteria or climbing roses over the arbor. The arch adds classical geometry to your landscape.

Flagstone Path

Flagstones are another classic that add beauty to your front yard. One option is to create a straight line from the gate to your front door. However, if you allow the path to meander a bit, the journey adds to the charm of your front yard. Have the flagstones set in a slight curve around a landscape feature with pretty plants for visitors to enjoy.


Speaking of landscape features, you can never go wrong with a fountain. There are so many fountain designs -- everything from contemporary to whimsical. Stone always looks appealing contrasted with greenery. However, even found items such as deep bowls and old pitchers can be upcycled into fountains.

Concerning placement, think about what you want your fountain to accomplish. The sound of trickling water provides a pleasant buffer to street sounds. So if you have seating in the front yard, consider placing the fountain nearby. Alternatively, the fountain provides the natural landscape feature to train your path around. If you want the water to catch the light, make sure to place the fountain in a sunny spot.

Flower Beds

Landscaping doesn't seem complete without a flowerbed or two. The style of flower bed you choose depends on your home's style.

If your home resembles a cottage, consider channeling an English garden with your flowers. Look for old-fashioned plants such as delphiniums, foxgloves and lavender. Plant them in a seeming disarray near your path, arbor and fountain.

For a more traditional home, consider manicured rows of flowers. Place tall flowers, such as garden phlox or irises, in the back. Add a clutch of shorter flowers, such as daylily and petunia, in front. Finish off this look with a rock or brick border.

Contemporary homes look charming with unusual landscaping. Consider eschewing flowers in favor of ornamental asparagus, little bluereed and sea thrift.

With a mixture of hardscaping and gardening, your front yard can become the beacon of the neighborhood. Get in touch with a business like Decorative Creations Inc to go over which landscaping and hardscaping elements will make your yard look its best.