Landscaping Tips And Themes To Make Your Trailer Stand Out In The Park

If you fear that your trailer gets lost among the many in a park or subdivision, try adding something to the landscaping that will make it stand out. Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are some clever ideas that can give your property distinction and flair with little effort.

Some unconventional landscaping ideas that work well in a trailer park include:

Flamingos, anyone?

The creator of the lawn flamingo recently died, and these unique ornaments continue to inhabit the lawns and gardens of many homeowners widely. These are an excellent option for making a trailer stand out in a park, and a better choice might be to go with many flamingos for a fun, festive approach to landscaping. The best thing is that these is a no-maintenance way to adorn the property. Simply remove the lawn flamingo when mowing the space.

Rock in a hard place.

Another low-effort approach is with stone. Consider creating a landscape that is echoed with stone borders, gravel edging, and rock gardens throughout. These are excellent options in areas where there could be water rations during drought season, too.

The wonders of wild flowers.

For floral appeal, scatter wild flower seeds across the lawn and property of the home, and talk with garden suppliers about native species that will thrive and grow in your climate. Look for tall willowy blooms and grasses for a natural aesthetic that will make your home stand out from all others.

Bring in some water.

If you aren't really into mowing and gardening, bring in a water feature to become the focal point of your property. This could be a small man-made pond or even something as simple as a solar-powered fountain. Just know that when you bring water to the space, you may be inviting birds or other wildlife to the area as well.

Create a zen sanctuary.

If you want to create a special outdoor entertaining space that is suitable for relaxing, meditating, or simply sunbathing, buy inexpensive concrete pavers and build your own patio. A simple slab or paved patio can become a zen sanctuary for you and your family when you add comfy furnishings, floor-pillows, and soft lighting, such as solar stake lights and pendant lamps. Add an awning or overhead protector whenever possible, so that you can enjoy the space regardless of the weather.

Whimsical themes and schemes for the yard.

Go with something outrageous and distinctive in your exterior space, such as an homage to gnomes, magnificent mushrooms, or lawn statues portraying your favorite characters. Create a bird lover's paradise with a vast array of bird houses and unique bird baths. The more the better when looking to create a landscape of whimsy and wonder.