Want To Relax And See Beauty In Your Backyard? Install A Masonry Fountain Along With Some Flowers

A masonry water fountain surrounded by flowers would be a great addition to your current landscaping whether in the front or backyard. You'll want to hire a mason who can show you many different types of water fountains. They can likely build you a unique water fountain, if you prefer. You can install a large fountain, or one that is smaller if you have a small yard.

Masonry Fountain

To make your flower garden area peaceful, build a fountain close to the garden. Masonry fountains are usually made of stone or brick block, and they have a basin that holds the water. A hose and nozzle is attached to the basin that is used to spray the water upward.

You can also customize the fountain by adding multiple levels so the water cascades downward instead up. Place the fountain close to where you sit to hear the relaxing water from the fountain. 


There are many flowers that will go well with your masonry fountain. If you enjoy watching butterflies, they will swarm to the butterfly weed flower. The butterflies are drawn in by the bright orange flowers, and then they soon find that they love the taste of the nectar.

This flower is a perennial, which means it will come back year after year. Over time it will grow into a small bush that can grow up to three feet tall, as long as it gets enough sun. This flower can be invasive, so do not plant it near your other flowers. The seeds can also blow off the flowers, so you may end up with more butterfly weed where you do not expect it.

To keep insects away from you, as well as your other flowers, plant lots of marigolds near the masonry fountain. They have a unique smell that most other insects do not like. Butterflies are one of the only flying insects that like marigolds. Marigold flowers bloom in shades of yellow or orange, and they are an annual, which means you have to replant them each year.

Marigolds are easy flowers to grow, and they can stand up to heat. They do not care what type of soil they are planted in, so you do not have to worry about fertilizing them. They will actually bloom better if planted in poorer soil. These flowers do not need a lot of water, so don't worry if you don't get a lot of rain. This is a low growing flower that only gets a few inches tall.

These flowers, along with your beautiful masonry water fountain, will turn your front yard or backyard into a place you can get away from the stresses of life. Hearing the waterfall from the fountain will help you relax even more.

For more information on using masonry in your landscaping, contact a professional like Michael Bellantoni.