Use A Hydroseeder To Plant Grass Seed On Your Property

If large portions of the outside property that you own are bare and you would like to plant grass seed on them to improve the way that the land looks, use a hydroseeder to cover the ground with a seed mixture that contains water, mulch, and fertilizer. The following instructions will teach you how to use a hydroseeder so that you can efficiently plant the grass seed mixture in an efficient manner.


  • rake
  • garden hoe
  • hydroseeder
  • water hose
  • bag of grass seed
  • mulch
  • fertilizer
  • sign
  • garden stakes
  • sprinkler system

Prepare The Ground For The Seed Mixture

Inspect the portions of the ground that are lacking grass. Use a rake to even out the ground and a garden hoe to eliminate any stray weeds. Disconnect the tank to a hydroseeder. If you have rented a hydroseeder and have never operated a piece of equipment like it before, ask a staff member at the business where you acquired it from for assistance. Add water to the hydroseeder's tank until it is almost full.

Read the instructions on the back of the bag of grass seed to determine how much of it needs to be added to the tank. Add the recommended amount of mulch and fertilizer to the tank, as well. These components will help nourish the soil and protect the grass seed that is planted. Reconnect the hydroseeder's tank and mix the items that were added to it for a couple minutes by turning the agitator button on.

Apply The Seed Mixture

Carry the hydroseeder to the edge of one of the bare sections that you would like to plant grass seed in. Hold the machine's nozzle several inches from the ground and squeeze the machine's trigger to emit the mixture. Drag the hydroseeder behind you, as you apply an even amount of the seed mixture in straight lines until the bare section is covered. Apply the seed mixture to the remaining bare sections in the same manner.

Post a sign or insert some garden stakes near the edges of the freshly-planted grass seed to alert people who stop by your home so that they do not walk upon the treated portions of the ground. 

Water The Lawn Regularly

The ground needs to remain moist in order for grass to grow. Monitor the conditions of the soil each day. If you do not have enough time to water the ground with a water hose, install a sprinkler system on your property and program it to turn on at specific times each day. Within a few weeks, you will see new grass blades growing on your property. As long as you continue to make sure that plenty of water is added to the ground, your yard will soon be filled with lush, healthy blades of grass.

For more information, contact Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc or a similar company.