Landscaping Services To Handle Your Yard Maintenance All Summer

Summertime can be a busy time of year with family vacations, reunions, holiday events, and other activities that can take you away from your regular schedule and cause your yard to become a bit neglected. The longer you are away from home, even for just the weekend, it can leave your yard work piling up and your lawn long and unkempt. But when you hire a professional landscaper they can handle your yard maintenance through the week and when you are away so your yard always looks great. Here are some professional services you can hire to arrange for this assistance.

Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn makes up a big part of your yard and its landscaping, and when your lawn begins to look a little shaggy it makes your whole yard and home look unattractive. After just one week of not mowing your lawn, its uneven growth and any weeds protruding from its surface will give your yard a neglected look. And whether you are out of town or not you don't want your home looking like it is vacant, which can attract vandals and thieves.

Your landscaping professional will provide service to your yard based on your needs. For example, if you want your lawn mowed and edged each week with season fertilizers applied, they can arrange for this. It is important that you address weed growth in the early spring and into late summer when different types of weeds are dominant. If you allow weeds to grow unchecked in your lawn it will cause your lawn to become thin as the more aggressive weeds take the soil.

Your landscaper can keep an eye on your lawn's health to recognize and treat your lawn early for pest problems. They can look for insect infestations and damaging grub worms, for example, that can kill your lawn in entire sections if they are not treated. 

Sprinkler Management

Another area in your yard maintenance that is necessary, especially during the heat of summer, is your sprinklers. A sprinkler head that has become cracked or its spray is misaligned can result in an entire section of your lawn drying out and dying. And if you are out of town for a week or two a broken sprinkler head can cause your sprinkler water pressure to be reduced and a loss of water to occur. 

Your professional landscaper can keep an eye on your sprinklers and also manage their spray and watering schedule. For example, if your sprinklers are set to spray every day or every other day for a short period of time, your landscaper can adjust the schedule so they water less frequently but for longer durations each time. This is not only better for your water bill and saving water, but will promote the health of your lawn with healthier and deeper roots.

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