Why Brush Mulching Is A Good Way To Clear An Overgrown Field For Another Use

If you have a field or other plot of land you need to be cleared for your animals or to turn into a more attractive landscape, consider calling a brush mulching company to clear the overgrowth fast. The company can use heavy equipment to knock down trees in the way and turn overgrown brush of all types into mulch on the spot. Here are the benefits of brush mulching and how it's done.

The Benefits Of Mulching The Land

Trying to clear away overgrown brush by hand is so labor-intensive that it isn't practical. It takes too much time and a lot of work. You could rent a bobcat with the right attachments for the job, but you still have to do a lot of work, and you'll have the expense of the equipment rental.

Brush mulching clears land fast and leaves behind mulch that is beneficial for the soil. You won't have to deal with hauling away debris or pay disposal fees. Mulching is an efficient way to clear a small or large lot, even one that has some trees growing in it.

The Most Suitable Land For Mulching

Mostly flat land that had been used for animal grazing or farming in the past is ideal for mulching. Brush mulching utilizes a forestry mulching machine that can knock down trees and grind up all kinds of growth as it goes. However, if the land is rocky, swampy, or steep, the machine may not be able to operate.

Also, debris on the land can affect whether a forestry mulcher can be used. If the land has been used for dumping or has an old barn and old tractors scattered around, all the metal and building debris has to be removed first, since that kind of debris can't be mulched and has to be out of the way.

Brush Mulching Uses A Mobile Chipper

A forestry mulching machine has a big roller on it covered in blades that chip brush and trees to make mulch. This eliminates the step of cutting down the brush and transporting it to a stationary wood chipper.

If there aren't trees in the field to be cleared, the contractor may only need a forestry mulcher to clear the land. If some trees are present, other heavy equipment may be needed to knock down the trees so they can be turned into mulch.

As long as the land is only covered in natural growth and not trash or boulders, the contractor can easily mulch whatever is growing on it in a short amount of time, so you can prep the land for your intended use.