Tips For A Safe Tree Trimming And Removal In Your Yard

Trees growing in your yard provide you with a beautiful ambiance, healthy environmental benefits, and a habitat for wildlife, in addition to improving your property value. Mature trees are more valuable, but they can also come with increased problems in their growth and health, and when they require trimming or full removal. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of tree removal in your own yard.

Evaluate the Tree

One of the first steps you can take on your own before you choose to hire a professional tree removal company is to evaluate the tree, its condition, the direction of growth, and its health. If a tree is leaning to one side and has dead or dying branches, it may be in need of a trim or to be cut down. This is especially the case if the tree is large and leaning toward or over your home's roof or another nearby structure, such as a garage or shed. A tree falling at the wrong time can cause injury and death to someone below.

Also, look at the tree for signs of disease or pest problems, which may require the tree to be removed. You can consult with a tree professional or a local arborist to find the right treatment plan or removal for the tree. It is helpful to try and save a tree rather than remove it, but it is always smart to evaluate all details of its condition to make an informed decision. Sometimes, if a tree's limbs are growing onto the sides of your home or extending over the roof, for example, it is best to remove the limbs that are posing a threat to your home instead of removing the entire tree.

Follow Safety Protocol

When you choose to do your own tree removal yourself, whether it is a small or a large tree, make sure you follow all the proper safety protocols. First off, don't try to climb a tree to cut off any of its branches, because you will put yourself in extreme danger of falling. The best rule to follow for safety is to only trim off branches or cut down a tree if you can complete the cutting and branch removal while you are safely on the ground. 

It is not recommended to climb up a ladder or on a step stool or the tree itself to cut it down. If you are using a chainsaw or a saw, these implements pose a danger to you if you were to fall or slip off your stance. Tree removal professionals have the required safety equipment, harnesses, and training to assess the tree and safely fell it or dismantle it into pieces.

For more information about tree removal services, contact a local company.