Get Ready For Winter: Five Ways A Landscape Contractor Can Help

As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to fall, the winter season is fast approaching. Preparing your lawn for winter can be a daunting task, but with the help of a landscape contractor, you can ensure your lawn remains healthy and beautiful throughout the winter season. Here's a quick look at five ways a landscape contractor can help you prepare your lawn for winter.

Winter Pruning

A landscape contractor can help you identify dead or diseased branches and prune them before winter sets in. Winter pruning is particularly important because it helps to reduce the risk of damage caused by snow and ice accumulation. Proper pruning is also beneficial as it allows the plant to put all its energy into strengthening the remaining branches and roots, ensuring a healthier plant come spring.

Leaf Removal

Winter is not only the time of year when the leaves fall, but it is the time of year when they can do the most damage to your lawn. Fallen leaves can suffocate your lawn and can create an ideal environment for pests and diseases. A landscape contractor can help remove leaves both manually and with machinery to ensure that your lawn stays healthy throughout winter.

Irrigation System Winterization

As winter approaches, it's essential to winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage and costly repairs come spring. A professional landscape contractor can help to ensure that your irrigation system is adequately drained and shut off to prevent any water from freezing in the pipes. Properly winterizing your irrigation system will ensure that it operates efficiently and saves you money on costly repairs in the spring.


Mulching is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy landscape throughout the year. In the winter, mulching becomes essential as it helps to keep the plants warm and protected from the harsh winter weather. A landscape contractor can help to apply a layer of mulch to your garden beds, which will insulate the soil, maintain an even soil temperature, and help prevent soil erosion.

Tree and Shrub Protection

Protecting your trees and shrubs in the winter season is essential for maintaining a healthy landscape all year round. A landscape contractor can help you install burlap or other protective materials around the base of your trees and shrubs. This helps to protect them from strong winds and heavy snow, reducing the risk of damage. 

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