Want To Relax And See Beauty In Your Backyard? Install A Masonry Fountain Along With Some Flowers

A masonry water fountain surrounded by flowers would be a great addition to your current landscaping whether in the front or backyard. You'll want to hire a mason who can show you many different types of water fountains. They can likely build you a unique water fountain, if you prefer. You can install a large fountain, or one that is smaller if you have a small yard. Masonry Fountain To make your flower garden area peaceful, build a fountain close to the garden. Read More 

Turn Your Yard’s Ugly Tree Stump Into A Decorative Gnome Home

If your home's yard has an old tree stump that you haven't gotten around to removing, then you should turn it into a decorative gnome home. Make a door and window for the bottom of the stump, and turn the top of the stump into its roof. Set a gnome next to the stump, and you have a new decorative item in your yard instead of an old stump. Gnome homes are made using inexpensive craft sticks, epoxy adhesive, and a wide variety of other items that you already have laying around in your home and garage. Read More 

Landscaping Tips And Themes To Make Your Trailer Stand Out In The Park

If you fear that your trailer gets lost among the many in a park or subdivision, try adding something to the landscaping that will make it stand out. Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are some clever ideas that can give your property distinction and flair with little effort. Some unconventional landscaping ideas that work well in a trailer park include: Flamingos, anyone? The creator of the lawn flamingo recently died, and these unique ornaments continue to inhabit the lawns and gardens of many homeowners widely. Read More 

Lawn And Garden Maintenance Tips For Seniors: Advice About What To Plant

Aging homeowners face a number of challenges that can make it difficult to keep up with yard maintenance. However, seniors who wish to maintain a beautiful yard year after year can do so by planting the right types of plants.  Dwarf Tree Cultivars for Fruit Lovers Dwarf fruit tree cultivars might be person-sized or smaller, depending on the species. Their small size makes pruning relatively easy and ergonomically safe. In addition, harvesting fruit from dwarf fruit trees is less challenging than harvesting from larger cultivars because it requires little or no bending and reaching. Read More 

3 Unconventional Water Resources With Greywater And Rainwater Collection Systems

If you live in an area where water is a precious resource, you may want to have more ways to get the water. You may have a well or water service, but this may not provide you with all the water you need. To improve your water resources, you may want to consider things like greywater irrigation, rain collection and filtration systems. Here are some unconventional solutions to your water woes: Read More