How To Kill Weeds Without Hurting The Environment

If you deal with unsightly weeds, you know they can be really difficult to eradicate. The traditional way of removing weeds involves spraying or sprinkling harmful chemicals into the ground, on your lawn, and into your garden or flower beds. There are some all natural ways to create your own herbicides that are not only just as effective, but are also less harsh on the water supply, soil, and surrounding animals. Read More 

How Your Home Can Benefit From Sprinkler Installation

Professionally installed sprinklers are a great convenience that can save homeowners the time and trouble of watering their lawn by hand. Professional sprinkler installation is more than a convenience, however. In-ground sprinklers can save water, keep your lawn healthy and even increase your property value. Here's how. Save Water In-ground professionally installed sprinklers save water in a variety of ways.  Sprinklers water the lawn evenly and consistently, only distributing as much water as necessary to keep the lawn healthy. Read More 

Wood Fencing Options For Backyard Spaces

It's never too early to start thinking about upcoming projects for your backyard. Planning a space in your backyard specifically for animals or protecting your favorite vegetable garden can put the finishing touch on your yard space. A visit to your local lumber company will allow you to choose the right type of wood and the right kind of fence to build in your backyard space. Here are some projects that could benefit from having a fence installed. Read More 

Slave No More: The Freedom Afforded By Turf Replacement

Caring for a lawn is a constant struggle. Mowing is at least a weekly need, and if being chained to the need to mow your lawn isn't bad enough, you also have to treat for weeds, fungus, slugs and other pests—the list keeps going. And for everything you do to keep parasites away from your lawn, you still have to fertilize your lawn, water it, thatch it, and rake leaves off of it. Read More 

Patio Landscaping: How A Professional Can Create A Space For You To Relax Outside

If you are tired of spending so much time indoors when you are at home, you may want to think about renovating your landscape. Hiring a landscaper to construct a patio area will give you a nice place to relax and enjoy the environment. In this article, find out how a professional can create a patio space that you will love and how much you can look to spend on construction Read More