6 Benefits to Installing a Drip-Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems use a series of small holes in a hose to allow water to trickle out and into the soil. Other sprinkler systems are known for wasting water. Drip irrigation does not do this, and you can pinpoint certain areas with this type of system. No matter whether you are growing sources of food or simply have a garden of beautiful flowers, there are many reasons why you might consider installing a drip-irrigation system. Read More 

Don’t Forget About The Snow: 4 Steps To Design Your Yard With Winter In Mind

When it comes to landscaping your new home, you want a design that's aesthetically pleasing. You also want a design that will adapt to the changing seasons. This is particularly true if you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall each winter. The addition of certain landscaping features can extend the use of your yard well through the winter. Here are four simple things you can add to your landscape designs that will help you get more use out of your yard this winter. Read More 

Keys To A Railroad Tie Retaining Wall

In order to overcome the force of erosion, you need a retaining wall that can prevent dirt from sliding even when that dirt is completely saturated. While cement is a great choice for a retaining wall, concrete is not much to look at. If you want to go with a less modern look for your home, or you simply want something with more character than concrete, railroad ties are a good alternative. Read More 

Four Ways An Automatic Sprinkler System Helps A Homeowner

If you have bushes, trees, grass or flowers that need watering, you should consider installing an automatic sprinkler system. There are many good reasons for doing this, and every homeowner should give it some thought. The following are four advantages to consider. You'll save time Never again will you have to go outside and manually move your sprinkler that you have hooked up to your hose. Depending on how much of your property needs water, this is something that you may be doing several times during the day you choose to water your lawn. Read More 

Two Tips To Help You Choose The Right Design For Your Landscape

A well-manicured lawn can work wonders when it comes to boosting the curb appeal of your home.  There's nothing like seeing lush, green grass that is dotted with flowers, trees and other types of shrubbery.  However, there's much more to a beautiful yard then simply cutting the grass and keeping it watered:  You need a good design.  Unless you're a landscaper, you may not know quite where to start.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you choose the right design for your landscape. Read More