Slave No More: The Freedom Afforded By Turf Replacement

Caring for a lawn is a constant struggle. Mowing is at least a weekly need, and if being chained to the need to mow your lawn isn't bad enough, you also have to treat for weeds, fungus, slugs and other pests—the list keeps going. And for everything you do to keep parasites away from your lawn, you still have to fertilize your lawn, water it, thatch it, and rake leaves off of it. Read More 

Patio Landscaping: How A Professional Can Create A Space For You To Relax Outside

If you are tired of spending so much time indoors when you are at home, you may want to think about renovating your landscape. Hiring a landscaper to construct a patio area will give you a nice place to relax and enjoy the environment. In this article, find out how a professional can create a patio space that you will love and how much you can look to spend on construction Read More 

How To Install An Electric Lamppost At The End Of Your Drive

If you want to add an old-world charm to your landscape, a lamppost at the end of the drive will offer this easily. These lampposts feature a black post and a while globe encasing the bulb. Solar lampposts work well in areas where there is a lot of sun, but if you have trees producing an ample amount of shade, you'll need to purchase and install the electric lampposts. This guide explains what you'll need to need to do to set up the lamppost, without the electrical cord showing. Read More 

Get Ready For Spring Landscaping

Spring will be here before you know it, and it will soon be time to landscape your yard. These tips will help you get ready for spring planting activities, so your landscaping efforts can be more successful and easier to execute.  Remove Dead and Diseased Trees Trees cast parts of the lawn in shade, which means the flowers and shrubs you plant around a tree will be different from the plants and shrubs that you plant in open, unshaded areas. Read More 

3 Common Diseases That Could Be Plaguing Your Trees

Trees are a great way to dress up your property. They add color, increase curb appeal, provide homes for animals, and even add shade when you need it. Your trees are a useful part of your property, but they can often become dangerous if plagued with diseases. When a tree gets hit with a disease, it can become unstable. If the tree is close to your home, you may end up dealing with falling branches on your house. Read More