3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your New Seaside Property

Whether you're building a full-time home or a vacation cottage on your new seaside property, there are a few things you can do to help protect your structure and your landscaping features as the property ages. Here are a few important things that shouldn't be overlooked: Build a Seawall One of the most important things you can do to protect your new seaside property is to have a seawall built. Read More 

How to Create Your Own Miniature Golf Course in the Backyard

Creating a miniature golf course in your backyard can provide a never-ending entertainment for kids and adults alike in the coming years. You don't have to hire an architect or spend thousands of dollars on the development of a miniature golf course. Here's how you can create your own personal course in the backyard. Invest in Some Artificial Turf Buying some artificial turf for the yard is the most important step to take when creating your miniature golf course. Read More 

Help Your Asphalt Driveway Last Longer With Good Maintenance

An asphalt driveway can last anywhere from 10-20 years, depending on your weather conditions, wear and tear, and how well the driveway is maintained. When asphalt begins to fade because of the direct sunlight, sealcoating services can protect your driveway and get it looking new again. Pay attention to small cracks, oil stains and divots, as these can cause further damage to your asphalt if they are not managed properly. Take the time to inspect your driveway every month or so to look for damage and deal with small cracks or crevices before they begin to grow weeds or water can get in and below the surface. Read More 

Landscaping Services To Handle Your Yard Maintenance All Summer

Summertime can be a busy time of year with family vacations, reunions, holiday events, and other activities that can take you away from your regular schedule and cause your yard to become a bit neglected. The longer you are away from home, even for just the weekend, it can leave your yard work piling up and your lawn long and unkempt. But when you hire a professional landscaper they can handle your yard maintenance through the week and when you are away so your yard always looks great. Read More 

Hire A Landscaping Company To Fix An Old Yard To Meet Its Needs

After moving into an older home, you may be adopting a backyard that has been taken care of by multiple owners throughout the years. If a previous owner did not put a lot of time and effort into organizing the yard, it may not be set up in a way that meets the needs of all the plants. If you want to make sure that the landscape is healthy and looks its greatest, you should hire a landscaping company to work on several projects throughout the space. Read More