“Bleeding” And Pruning: What Tree Owners Should Know

Pruning your trees is a great way to help encourage healthy growth and an attractive shape. But, pruning does cause a tree to "bleed," or leak sap, for a period of time after you make the cuts. In order to ensure your pruning job does more good than harm, it's important to know the basics of bleeding and how to minimize it. How does bleeding harm the tree? The tree's sap is the substance it uses to carry water and nutrients to all of its tissues. Read More 

Become King Of The Hills With These 3 Hardscaping Techniques

When it comes to designing a yard, one of the biggest issues homeowners face is whether or not to try to level the land by removing huge amounts of soil, or instead to work with the natural landscape of your yard through hardscaping. Hardscaping uses impermeable surfaces and man-made materials to work in concert with the yard itself for a natural, long-lasting design that can totally transform your yard. Instead of investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in tearing up your entire yard, try these three tactics to get the most out of your hilly yard. Read More 

Choosing The Right Rake For Your Lawn Clean Up

As you experience the cooler days of fall, it probably seems that every tree in your neighborhood has decided to deposit its leaves into your yard. While they provide a beautiful ground covering, if left for an extended period of time, they will kill the grass underneath. Unfortunately, that means that you must find the time and the right tools to get them up. While choosing a rake may seem to be simple, you may be surprised at the selection you will have to choose from. Read More 

4 Important Reasons To Have A Professional Trim Your Trees

Many homeowners may avoid hiring professionals to regularly maintain the trees on their property, believing that they can deal with any serious issues later on when it comes up. However, serious issues can be avoided for much longer if you have professionals come out for regular tree trimming. Here are four important reasons to consider professionals for regular tree trimming: Enhance the safety of your trees: The quality of the trees on your property is important because you want to be sure that they are going to last and not be a danger to yourself, your family, or your property. Read More 

Eliminate Poison Ivy And Grow A Healthy, Lush Lawn

If poison ivy plants are taking over your yard, learn how to safely eliminate them with the following steps. Once the poisonous plants have been removed, clear the land where they once were and plant grass seed. Soon, you will have a healthy, lush lawn that you can enjoy spending time on. Materials dust mask disposable gloves long sleeved pants and shirt boots garden scissors trash bags weed killer garden spade heavy duty detergent scrub brush rubbing alcohol bucket of warm, soapy water lint free cloth rake wheelbarrow grass seed grass seed spreader water hose Locate The Poison Ivy And Wear Protective Clothing Read More