Lawn And Garden Maintenance Tips For Seniors: Advice About What To Plant

Aging homeowners face a number of challenges that can make it difficult to keep up with yard maintenance. However, seniors who wish to maintain a beautiful yard year after year can do so by planting the right types of plants.  Dwarf Tree Cultivars for Fruit Lovers Dwarf fruit tree cultivars might be person-sized or smaller, depending on the species. Their small size makes pruning relatively easy and ergonomically safe. In addition, harvesting fruit from dwarf fruit trees is less challenging than harvesting from larger cultivars because it requires little or no bending and reaching. Read More 

3 Unconventional Water Resources With Greywater And Rainwater Collection Systems

If you live in an area where water is a precious resource, you may want to have more ways to get the water. You may have a well or water service, but this may not provide you with all the water you need. To improve your water resources, you may want to consider things like greywater irrigation, rain collection and filtration systems. Here are some unconventional solutions to your water woes: Read More 

Creating Can Lights For Your Outdoor Landscape

As the seasons change, and the temperature begins to get warmer, you might wonder how you can enjoy your outdoor landscape with some great lighting that's not too difficult to come up with. If you're hosting a summer party, or even just want to relax in your outdoor space, creating lighting is easy with old tin cans, and it is an inexpensive way to add ambiance. This guide explains how to create lights with old cans that you have no more use for in just a few simple steps. Read More 

Transform Your Front Yard With Landscaping

The front yard provides your home's first impression. How you landscape your front yard also adds to the house's curb appeal. Create a front yard that invites visitors and provides an oasis in your neighborhood. Picket Fence A white picket fence is a classic because it's both attractive and functional. A picket fence defines your space without seeming like a barrier. If white picket seems too traditional, paint the wood or leave it natural. Read More 

Planting And Caring For An Elm Tree

Known for their pointed, serrated leaves and tall, majestic canopies, mature elm trees are truly a sight to behold. They are less common than they once were, due to the prevalence of Dutch elm disease,  a deadly fungal infection that is spread by beetles. However, if you want to preserve the beauty of the Elm tree for generations to come, planting a few elms on your property is a great choice. Read More