3 Common Diseases That Could Be Plaguing Your Trees

Trees are a great way to dress up your property. They add color, increase curb appeal, provide homes for animals, and even add shade when you need it. Your trees are a useful part of your property, but they can often become dangerous if plagued with diseases. When a tree gets hit with a disease, it can become unstable. If the tree is close to your home, you may end up dealing with falling branches on your house. Read More 

The Petunia: A Beautiful And Intriguing Flower

Petunias are popular in landscapes across North America. Not only are they simple to grow, but they also come in many colors, making it easy to coordinate them with the rest of your yard and home. Petunias, however, are more than just a pretty face. They have an intriguing history and unique characteristics that will soon make them one of your favorite flowers. The History of Petunias What is now known as the petunia is actually a quite modern cultivar. Read More 

Which One Of These Common Willow Diseases Is Affecting Your Tree?

Is your willow tree looking a bit worse for wear? There are two diseases that are common in willow trees in North America: willow scab and black canker disease. The two cause similar symptoms, but it is usually possible to tell the difference if you examine the tree closely. Black Canker of Willow Many trees are susceptible to various canker diseases, but the strain of fungus that causes black canker disease in willows only infects various species of willows – not other tree varieties. Read More